Penny Grant is a Vancouver Island artist living in Nanaimo.

Her main passion is painting large colourful abstracts. She is influenced by 2 very different Canadian artists. Norval Morriseau's bold use of colour gives her hope and courage. Dennis J Brown's huge abstract canvases make her think anything is possible.

Her portraits are either recognizable pictures of people she knows or styalized paintings of her alter-ego "Tulip." Her paintings of Tulip are influenced by some of the surrealist paintings of Picasso.

Her landscapes feature the beautiful scenery around Nanaimo and the Gulf Islands. Her style is her own and boats often appear.

Most of Penny's paintings are for sale. The price is $1.00 per sq. in. Visitors are always welcome at her home studio in Nanaimo.

2 1/2 minutes

Penny considers herself to be a lifelong learner. Her academic background (PHD from JCU) is in libraries and postmodern philosophy. Her current focus is learning as much as she can about painting abstracts using acrylics and multi-media.

She has taken classes from such amazing Vancouver Island art instructors as Robin Field (Vancouver Island University) , Penny Maday Ciochetti (Island Girl Art Studeo), and Dennis J. Brown (North Star Art Studeo).

She is a member of the Nanaimo Arts Council , the Ladysmith Arts Council, the Nanaimo Art Gallery ,the Vancouver Art Gallery, and About Us-16 (a newly formed group of sixteen Vancouver Island artists).

Painting above: "2 1/2 minutes" (to midnight) is mixed media 15"x30"